Monday, December 13, 2010

Finale Gathering is CANCELLED

By co-blogger Mary....

I spoke to Todd tonight and though he's just eight miles from the Point, and can SEE the finish line, wind and weather will not allow the finale landing on Wednesday. We 100% agree, for reasons of both safety and sanity, that the journey must end tomorrow, and without the fanfare of having a group to cheer his landing.

Rest assured this journey is NOT over. There are some other additional reasons that are, as Todd & I now like to say, especially "blogworthy" and he wants to finish these posts in his own words. I certainly couldn't do it justice!

To this point, we've both posted some special thank-yous, but there is no one more worthy of thanks than Todd himself. He is an outstanding individual, a true conservationist in every sense of the word, and an incredible ambassador for Hawk Mountain Sanctuary as well as the great outdoors. We are so fortunate to have him! This journey was a test of his physical and mental strength, and he showed nothing but impressive endurance and his typical grace and good nature. I simply don't have the words to express how proud I am to have played a small part in his incredible adventure.

So THANK YOU, MR. BAUMAN, and on his behalf, thanks to everyone for your understanding. Please DO stay tuned for his final updates, which I can *guarantee* will be most blogworthy.

Mary Linkevich
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rkeogh said...

Todd, after leaving you this morning at the Rutgers Shellfish Lab on the Bayshore, I was hoping you did not venture out on the bay this afternoon. I was glad to read that you choose to stay ashore and since the weather is going to be even worse tomorrow, canceled the final leg of your voyage. It was great meeting you today. If you're ever back in the area, let me know and I'll accompany you on that final leg.

Bob Keogh

Todd Bauman said...

Hey Bob! It was also great to meet and chat with you this AM. And I did foolishly venture out well knowing it was a bad idea, but I had to try being so close.

I got about two miles and crossed two incoming streams with the canoe, the third without the canoe.

I really hope to see you up at Hawk Mountain sometime soon! And I will hang onto your number and give you a call next time I am in the Cape May area!