Sunday, December 12, 2010

The End is Near!!

If you haven't checked out Todd's location, he is now VERY close and can even see the glow of the Cape May Lighthouse from his current camp just below Egg Island.

Click here to see where he's at.

This is a great spot to be grounded for today's weather, and I'm relieved beyond words to know that he 1.) has a phone signal and 2.) is on property owned by a wonderful family who's looking out for him. To his kind benefactors: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

The fundraising update is equally bright: We're now just $300 shy of the $10,000 goal, and I'm starting to think he will surpass it by December 15!! THANK YOU, EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Other than Todd's time doing the trip, there were almost zero upfront costs or staff time involved in this fundraiser. An added note: If he wasn't doing Mountaint-to-Sea, Todd would still be off on some sort of outdoor adventure, so he's doing what he loves AND raising money for Hawk Mountain. WHAT A GUY!

I also love that thanks to the blog, anyone can join this journey and the fundraiser isn't limited by one's ability to buy a ticket to a dinner. We've had donations ranging from $4 to $1,000, and endless people who are following along and giving their support in words and acts of kindness along the way.

All to say: if you're thinking of making a contribution, know that we're grateful for any size gift. Proceeds support Hawk Mountain's "School in Clouds" education programming, which gets kids spending time outdoors, learning about birds of prey, Hawk Mountain's natural history and the phenomena of migration. This will be my last plea for support, so if you want to make a gift, you can do so online at:

Scroll down to make an online gift, or also find our mailing address to mail a check.

A Note on Landing Day
No matter how close he is to the Lighthouse, there will be no early finish. He plans to arrive at the Cape May Lighthouse at noon on December 15, and if you're interested in joining us, come on down! There is no formal plan per say, other than show up around 11:30 and look for the people with the signs--and start watching for Todd Bauman. 

I'm heading down with my dad (thanks, DAD!), the education and bookstore staff will there, too, and several others from Hawk Mountain have arranged to meet and congratulate our hero traveler. I also know Sally O'Byrne will be there (thanks for everything you've done for this, Sally!), our friends Sandra and Brian, and Annie and Dave, among others I haven't yet heard from.

All to say: if you're in the area, DO JOIN US, and if you know any local media contacts, send them a news tip.

Finally, one shout-out to the armed guards at the Nuclear Power Plant:
If you're following this blog, please, please look for Todd's binoculars. This is a huge loss for this outdoorsman, so I'd love to try and recover them. Thanks in advance for your help!

Mary Linkevich
Mountain-to-Sea: Join the Journey! 

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