Friday, December 3, 2010

Just talked to Todd

The latest...
Just spoke to Todd who arrived and signed in at Valley Forge National Park. He'll have a dry, warm place to rest tonight, and you can expect a blog tomorrow. As is typical with our traveler, he's tired but in great spirits and tomorrow will head out for Philadelphia. Trophy Room, here he comes!!!

Spot Locator Updates
If you're following the spot locator links, at noon, Spot showed Todd on the approach to Royersford: and another, about 20 minutes ago, shows he arrived at this evening's destination:

It really *was* a long day!

Bauman Sends His Thanks
Tonight is Hawk Mountain's annual end-of-season Volunteer Potluck and as of today Todd's trip has raised $8,131 (and still coming in!!) for Hawk Mountain education programs. Many of our own volunteers helped make that happen.

Todd asked that I pass on to all the volunteers how grateful he is for their support. It is humbling to see people conribute who already are giving so generously of their personal time and energy. So from Mr. Bauman: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Shout-out to Brian Ferrance
A special nod goes to volunteer and friend Brian Ferrance. We agree that he deserves recognition in this blog as our star, stand-out individual supporter. Brian pledged the very first jump-start gift when Mountain-to-Sea was nothing more than a poster in my office. He happened to walk by, stopped to chat, we explained the idea, and his immediate support took us by complete surprise.

He shrugged off our thanks and said he wants to support places he believes in. SO very modest and giving!! Thank You, Brian for jump-starting this journey! His gift made us realize this really *could* be a huge success, and he was right.

Stay tuned to hear from Todd and the adventures of Day 3...

Mary Linkevich
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