Thursday, December 16, 2010

DAY 14 Rescuing the Craft

The plan to get my equipment out was to go there at low tide in the morning and make several carries to get it all out.  As the weatherman promised, it is very, very, WINDY!  And very COLD, serious wind chill.  I am decked out in full gear incase of whatever?  Jude brought some rubber boots, I gave her another jacket to put over her other layers.

We should have come out a little earlier because tide is starting to come in, no worries yet, but it is on its way.

We can make it all the way.  Here is the area that I had to swim the day before.  Tidal flow is incredible. The post in the foreground was underwater the day before near high tide.  All the white in the photo is not sea foam per say, it is frozen crusty ice.  the entire beach is frozen.  COLD DAY!

It takes us awhile to locate the boat, I kept thinking I didn't walk that far the day before.  But finally there it is.  There is a need to keep on moving because in Jude's wardrobe she could walk around this inlet at the low tide, but if the tide comes in she ends up trapped.  Now do not get to worked up, we are not talking trapped, trapped, can't get out stuff.  Just water above her boot line, wet, which would lead to very cold feet.

We drag the boat onto the sand and it moves quite well on the frozen surface.  We each grab a line and start to pull.  Yah!  Again like mules we pull the canoe like a sled across the frozen beach working up quite a sweat.  When we get to the inlet, it has risen enough that I drag the boat over, come back over, Jude hops on piggy back style, and I wade back across.  HOW COOL IS THAT!

So we come up to the bay view spot dragging a canoe in furious winds, in extreme cold, a few folks give you some looks.  "Just out giving our canoe a drag this morning".

All frozen soon to be wet again equipment goes into the back of the Explorer, canoe on the roof.  Mission accomplished!

Conclusion to Follow!
Todd Bauman

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