Monday, December 6, 2010

Penn Athletic Club on Boathouse Row

What a night!!  One to remember,  really remember.  As I mentioned prior, this is where human-powered vessels exploded!  How lucky am I??!  Spending the night on boathouse row in the Penn Athletic Club...

How did this happen?  Well, first I spoke to Sally O'Bryne in October and I had some worries about the area of Philadelphia: where do I go, what about my boat, and so on. She knew a guy who knew a guy ...that kind of thing ... and then one day I get an email from Commodore John Hogan followed up with a phone conversation.  John is the Commodore of the Schuylkill Navy, which was founded in 1858 and is the governing body of the 12 rowing clubs that are at Boathouse Row, representing the oldest amateur athletic body in the United States

The Penn Athletic Club was established in 1871 and provides rowing programs and opportunities at all levels. It is famous for its reputation of training some of the finest athletes of the sport and is the home base of elite coach Ted Nash. Mr. Nash won the Olympic gold and bronze in the 1960 and 1964 Olympics respectively and numerous National, World, Canadian, and Pan American championships.

I got to briefly meet two of these athletes during their very intense weight workouts.  Let me tell you, these dudes are serious!  Big and powerful.  It may be a little boat but these athletes fill it.

The club house was filled with so much nostalgia: photos, banners, awards, and yes, trophies, lots of trophies!

Ted Nash Room

Is this not the coolest thing???!!!  HOW GOOD CAN IT GET??!!!

This was another very special place, and required a special gift.
Commodore John Hogan, Coach Ted Nash, and me.
Hawk Mountain is now displayed on their fireplace mantel

So the special day was followed by a special evening along the waterfront.

And yes, I needed to make my way out and spread the word. We found a great little place serving a meatloaf and mashed potatoes special. I have now gained about ten
pounds on this journey.  Join the Journey and get me a gym membership for when I am done!

Got to speak to a few folks, obviously about Hawk Mountain. With a number of folks with smart phones these days there is sometimes an immediate look up of our website.  We are getting the word out there, CELEBRATING OUR VICTORIES!

Prior to departing the next morning and now with daylight, I needed to photograph some crewing.  And there is obviously no better place than right where I had slept!

Commodore Hogan is a crew athlete in the "Masters" division.  I also got the opportunity to meet and chat with two female "Masters," Chris Costello and Nancy Lotz who were there for an AM practice.  

John Hogan and I were out on the deck overlooking the city and the water. John just sighed, and then said, "it is just a great place to get away from the everyday problems. You can come here and forget you're even in the city." 

I agree John, for the first time in my life, that a city can be beautiful!  City of Brotherly Love, at least along the waterfront.
Goodbye Boathouse Row.  I want to thank Commodore Hogan and the Penn Athletic Club for having me. Thats right, you guessed it, they will also be attending the barbecue this spring!

Off I go to find the river on the other side of the Fairmount Park Dam with my very lovely assistant Judith. As you will find, this was not an easy task.

Todd Bauman
Adidas did not survive the portage


MaryLinkevich said...

Great post! And I love the use of "CELEBRATE OUR VICTORIES," which made me laugh out loud. Proud to be some small part of your big accomplishments, Todd. Keep spreading the GOOD WORD of Hawk Mountain!!

And of course, a shout-out to Judith :)

fzahradnik said...

I just did a post on Todd's journey on my blog - national coverage for the Mountain to Sea! Best of luck, Todd and stay warm.

Joshua said...

I'll try to follow your progress. Your doing a Great Job! But, You might want to be careful were your travels take you next time! ;) Becareful and Stay Safe and this Frigid Cold.

JoeS said...

Is there no way to portage around the Farmont Park Dam that you took a ride around it? I used to paddle that section of river from Flat Rock Dam(?) but we always stopped at the Philadelphia Canoe clubhouse.