Wednesday, December 8, 2010


12-07-2010  Windy, very windy!  and cold!

[Co-blogger's note by Mary:  Spoke to Todd tonight who thought he lost this post, but I found it in the 'drafts' folder.  Blog on Fort Mott to come! Hi, Todd!!]

Got a late checkout at the Best Western in West Deptford, this allowed me to hang out and use their WiFi connection.  Checked out at 1 pm, the latest they would allow.  In checking out I was able to strike up a conversation as to why I am wearing this Artic explorer hat and driving around with a canoe on the roof.  They were checking out the website as we departed, wishing me goodluck.

Now, back to the plan.  What is the plan?  I am already behind my two days, with heavy winds forecasted for yet another day, so decided to check out Penn's Grove, where my next stay over would happen. We travel into this community, have a late lunch and I get some provisions, cheese and a watch. 

Decide to try and find the water, so we drive down a street that folks at the Rite Aid said would run right into it.

Now, let's just say that downtown Penns Grove, right by the waterfront, did not seem like a good spot a country bumpkin like myself should be dropped off, and Jude was the first one to say, "I AM NOT LEAVING YOU HERE!" 

I very much agreed.

Miles go by faster when the canoe is above you like in this photograph.  After traveling to a few more destinations, we agree to head direct to Fort Mott, the place I planned to spend this night anyway, and this puts me back on schedule.

One problem: We arrive at 4 pm and the gates are locked. We travel down another lane towards the office area and find a man pulling out to lock the gate behind him.  I jump out and introduce myself, throwing out all the names I had, and luckily, some I got right, so he escorts us down to the waterfront. 

His name is Mike and he appears to be the maintenance supervisor of the facility and he's warming up to the idea, or maybe just feeling sorry about this crazy dude (I blamed it on Mary, saying she made me do this trip).  He and Judith have a side conversation in which I am sure I was the main topic.  Jude and I unload all the stuff and canoe, say goodbye, and she heads for home.

She just left me there, abandoned alongside a big river with the clothes on my back, and 150 pounds of other stuff. Thanks again, Judith!

I will let Mary fill in more details about Fort Mott.


Robin said...

Haha! Love the last photo. It looks like you and your canoe are the "Ferry Service" the sign behind you mentions!!

Todd, you're my hero! Keep on paddling! Praying for your safety and warmth and gentle, warming breezes at your back...


Anonymous said...

Hey Todd

Had to laugh when I saw that you decided not to stay in Penns Grove...told you it wouldn't be as warm and accomodating as Paulsboro...:))

And I'm also glad that you "grounded" yourself at Riverwinds on probably wouldn't have even made it to "Meant to Be" that day.

I have been telling everyone I know about you and your journey and sharing the website with them too.
Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you until you reach your safe destination in Cape May.


nesreddevil said...

Hope it's warmer there than here 7 degrees. The trip is looking like a huge sucess. Hi to Judith.