Sunday, November 7, 2010

Preparation for the Voyage

Greetings Hawk Mountain Supporters!

It is really counting down now.  This is no longer a far off trip to start to think about sometime soon.  It is crunch time!  There is still a number of things to get ready.  This is quite different from other treks I have done.  It is not all some remote wilderness corridor, it travels through one of the most populated regions of any watershed.  Some of the preparation is typical of a significant winter paddle.  But, with this route, there are a number of folks that are involved and more needed.  It is this involvement, this cooperation, this connection that makes this journey important.

When asked why?  It is the kind of trek that demonstrates a connection we all have to something much bigger.  Mary Linkevich, Hawk Mountain's communication and grants manager, said it best, "A spirit of rugged adventure has always been central to Hawk Mountain's history, but more importantly, Todd's trip will demonstrate how interconnected we are, and the importance of safe passageways for migratory wildlife."  

More Preparing for the Voyage to come!

Todd Bauman

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