Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eve of Departure


Eve of departure.  A close friend, Ryan Beltz, just returned back from Alaska- Bless him for assisting me move my boat down to river side.

It is also good to talk over details with close friends who have experience.  I should mention at this time that I have only a few close friends that I feel compatible for adventure bagging.  Mr. Beltz is one of those friends.  We have been on a few ventures here and there and I know we have only just begun.  He has experienced a great deal

more than his 27 years should allow.  He is the ultimate, "Renaissance Man".  A degree in Photo Journalism with a minor in Biology, and last year completed his Masters in Literature.  A comparative look at some of the great nature writers mixed with his own life experience and wilderness values.  He is an excellent carpenter, backcountry ranger, and a hell of a friend.  Thank you Ryan!

Things are finally feeling quiet, except for what sounds like a monsoon beating the old window panes.  It should be a quick ride tomorrow, plenty of water volume.  Just three months ago I was worried about having to drag my canoe the first 8 or so miles.  Now from what I hear outside the windows and hitting the roof I just need to hang on for the ride!

But I am very happy to finally be pulling out and getting underway tomorrow.  It has been a fantastic fall season and I feel very fortunate to be bringing it to a close with this journey.  Again I want to thank everyone for all there support!  All the kind words and thoughts are wonderful.  The shirt I am wearing on this eve is one of local Troop 104 with all their signatures, thank you so much for this very special gift!  I want to share another special attachment I was sent today.

Thank you so much Amy Haus!  Amy is one of the many very dedicated Hawk Mountain Volunteers and a friend.  With support like this nothing is going to stop me, not even this storm!

See ya on the River!
Todd Bauman


Anonymous said...

Good luck Todd! nI will keep my eye on your blog!

Todd Bauman said...

Is this the Zoltan Domahidi! THanks so much!