Friday, November 19, 2010

More Preparation for the Voyage

I was invited back in October on a prep paddle by Sally O'Byrne.  Sally is a Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Board Member, an educator for Delaware Nature Society, and more important to me, a friend.   We departed on our mini expedition on the morn of October 12th.  Our primary objective, to circumnavigate Pea Patch Island, we shoved off from Delaware City.  Our secondary objective, to storm Fort Delaware.   

Sally looking very much in her element

Check out the geese flying towards the ship

We came ashore and started our approach.
We approached the Fort from the South with the stealth of Ninjas

The moat scared me, but not Sally.
Searching for an entry point

We located our entry, so with the speed of a falcon, we swooped in.
Our point of entry

We moved in and very quickly were apprehended.  Despite all our charm and wit, and believe me we tried it all with a double team approach, we were escorted out.  And I do mean escorted all the way back to our vessel and advised, politely, but none the less advised, to leave immediately.  

Despite the unsuccessful overtaking of the Fort, it was an incredible day of discovery!  The weather was perfect, the company exceptional, and the paddle, awesome!  I want to thank Sally and her husband Terry for opening up their home to me for two days.  Sally, aside from the exploration of Pea Patch Island, also spent a whole afternoon showing me around Wilmington and several of the Delaware Nature Society (DNS) holdings.  DNS is a very diverse organization offering many programs, from a hawk watch to an organic farm, and everything in between.  I also want to thank them both for their wonderful generosity and support of this trek.

Todd Bauman

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