Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mountain to the Sea

Greeting Mountain Friends! 

Welcome to my BLOG. 

Some might ask why one would travel by canoe from Hawk Mountain to Cape May?  Most folks doing these type of things answer back, why not?  I, like many youngsters in my day had dreams about being an intrepid explorer.  Like those of the past; Peary, Shackelton, Roosevelt, and my favorite expedition for discovery, the Lewis and Clark expedition.  All folks that pushed limits of endurance for the purpose of discovery.  To add to scientific knowledge about something unknown, to travel to somewhere uncharted.  How cool is that!

This is not quite at that level.  I have maps, I have access to a vast amount of knowledge regarding my route.  And I am not the first to travel on these waters.  I do believe I am the first to trek Hawk Mountain's entire watershed.  Awesome!  The other challenge is that I will be bringing my trek to you on this BLOG.  Attempting to update it a few times a day.  So while I am out paddling in December(Brrrr!) you can tune in and check out my whereabouts and discoveries.

Hawk Mountain needs your support.  So please contribute to this journey and help me reach my goal which will allow us to continue furthering our mission.

If you are reading this thank you for being interested.  My goal is to bring this journey to life for Hawk Mountain supporters and make you a part of it.  JOIN THE JOURNEY!.

Happy Paddling!
Todd Bauman